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John Whitelegg works on any topic in the area of transport, the environment and social change where someone has identified a problem and a willingness to find a solution. Most of the time people at the sharp end of any problem have a really good idea where the solution lies but the way forward is cluttered by obstacles. The obstacles range from inadequate and inappropriate institutions, inadequate and cloudy decision making criteria, short term and linear thinking rather than longer term and systems thinking and sheer inertia. Finding ways out of cul-de-sacs and vicious circles is exciting, practical and fun and we are all getting better at it all the time.

JW approaches these problems with a mix of experience that thrives on intensive collaborative work, unpicking problems and building trust with partners who really do know the answers. This was the case when he worked 20 years ago in the Outer Hebrides on economic development issues in Britainís most remote region and continued through research on elephant, camel and bullock cart transport in India to instituting radical change ion a large hospital in South West Britain where 5000 staff insist that the car is the only possible mode of transport. More recently JW is designing a sustainable transport system for Calcutta where all the answers are coming from the Calcuttans and working towards consensus in eradicating traffic congestion in Kendal where everyone wants rid of traffic problems and wants to use their car for every kind of journey. Progress in all these areas demands a productive fusion of lots of energy, a liking for people and the ability just to keep going to bring about a world that meets ALL the needs of its citizens for social justice, accessibility, health, productive employment and a clean environment..

From 1990 to 1993 Dr. Whitelegg was Head of Department of Geography at Lancaster University and Director of the Universityís Environmental Epidemiology Research Unit. He has written six books and over 50 papers, including Transport for a Sustainable Society: the Case for Europe (John Wiley, 1993) and Critical Mass: Transport, Environment and Society in the 21st Century (Pluto Press, 1996), and is founder and editor of the Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice.

He can be contacted directly as follows:

John Whitelegg
Professor of Environmental Studies
Liverpool John Moores University
Clarence Street, Liverpool, L3 5UG, U.K.

or through
Eco-Logica Ltd.
53 Derwent Road, Lancaster LA1 3ES U.K.
Telephone +44 1524 63175
Fax +44 1524 848340
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