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World Transport Policy and Practice

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  • The Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice

    The only practically-oriented journal dealing with the major issues in a field of international concern, the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice was founded in 1995 in an attempt to provide scholars, researchers, policy makers and ordinary smart people concerned with the marked unsustainability of our current transport arrangements with a high-quality, independent medium for the presentation of original and creative ideas in world transport. The Journal is a long term collaborative venture led by Eco-Logica Ltd. and the New Mobility Agenda, founded by Professor John Whitelegg and supported by an Editorial Board and a small production team.

    World Transport has a philosophy based on the equal importance of academic rigor and a strong commitment to ideas, policies, and practical initiatives that will bring about a reduction in global dependency on the car, the lorry and aircraft. Experts in transport, the environment, economics and ecology contribute probing papers dealing in an informed and even-handed manner with key issues in transport, case studies and reports of trials, and assesses the difficulties of balancing economic and ecological considerations as we strive to develop a better transport system in all respects. The Journal appears four time a year.

    The Journal and its founders and collaborators share a life-long commitment to sustainable transport which embraces the urgent need to cut global emissions of carbon dioxide, to reduce the amount of new infrastructure of all kinds and to highlight the importance of future generations, the poor, those who live in degraded environments and those deprived of human rights by a planning system that puts a higher importance on economic objectives than on the environment and social justice.

    World Transport embraces a different approach to science and through science to publishing. This view is based on the honest evaluation of the track record of transport planning, engineering and economics. These interrelated disciplines have embraced a quantitative, elitist and mechanistic view of society, space and infrastructure and have eliminated people from the analysis.

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