xTransit: The Third Way of getting around in cities

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    This is the latest focus program of the New Mobility Agenda and The Commons. It takes as its unique target what we regard as the critical missing link in the spectrum of mobility arrangments, all of which need to be defined and orchestrated to move our cities toward sustainability in all senses of the word.

    xTransit: getting people in and around cities in road vehicles, smaller than full sized buses, driven by real human beings, dynamically shared with others, and aided by state of the art communications technologies -- and all of that as no less than the only way to offer "car-quality mobility" in most of our 21st century cities without killing the cities themselves (the old mobility way).

    New Moblity and xTransit aim to provide full and fair mobility services for the "transportation majority". What's that? Have a look; you may want to check out your thinking on this.

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