OECD International Conference, Vancouver Canada, 24-27 March 1996

1999 Note: Our first attempt at a full-function "electronic environment" site in support of an international conference, sponsored by the OECD in Vancouver Canada in early 1996. Today, two full Web technology generations later, it can still serve as a useful checklist and model for those ready to build on the lessons of the past to construct their own sites for these purposes. A bit of a museum piece maybe, but still useful as a repository of information and views on the important related topic of sustainable transportation.

Conference Home Page

This World Wide Web site was created by a team from EcoPlan International in Paris, under The Commons to serve as the electronic doorway to the OECD conference, Towards Sustainable Transportation which brought together some 400 participants in Vancouver Canada from 24-27 March 1996. It was developed by EcoPlan as a public service in an effort to deepen and extend the debate on the thorny relationships between sustainable development, technology and the economy. While work on this site was in part supported by the OECD and the Government of Canada, the site was and is fully independent of the official sponsors and does not necessarily express their official views. The site was intended to provide world wide promotion of the meeting and the issues behind it, and to help conference participants and others interested in distant locations to inform themselves and interact in ways which well exceed traditional conferencing procedures. One immediate result of this collaboration is the Sustainable Transportation Emergency Proposal of The Commons that can be directly consulted here.

Welcome: Hosts' statement of conference purpose.
Program Conference program and scheduled events. (Version française)
NavHelp: Hints to help you better navigate this World Wide Web site
Sponsors: Conference organizing agencies and their partners
People: Biographical notes on speakers, panelists, etc. Participant list.
Papers: Abstracts of presentations. Papers.
STP: Canadian Government's proposed Sustainable Transportation Principles.
E-Forum: The Vancouver electronic forum.
Conclusions: Findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the conference.
Registration Desk: Registration, travel, hotel and other practical information.

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