The 20/20 Challenge Initiative

This new (Autumn 2004) New Mobility 20/20 Challenge Initiative offers no less than the most important single project that we have launched since we first began following the leading edge of developments in the field beginning in the early 1970s. And ceratinly the most powerful from a sustainabilty and life quality perspective.

Its most immediate precursor is the experience of the extensive public consultation and creative interactions that took place over the Toronto New Moblity Week from 22-26 September 2004 that eventually involved hundreds of people, a couple of dozen meetings and work sessions, extensive media coverage and a good opportunity to have a hard look at what could be done to more than city toward a more sustainable mobility profile within a two or three year period. The key finding of the Toronto week that there is indeed a forming consensus for doing something about these city- and health-threatening issues and trends, but that the only way to go about it being to give the entire program a very high political and public priority.

The latest thinkpiece on this initiative is now available here, and we invite your comment and suggestions. Above all, our main thrust at this point is finding partners who are ready to put this approach to work in their city, and hopefully a certain number of institutions and funding sources that are willing to get behind the fist round of pioneering efforts.

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