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Volume 7, No. 4
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Volume 7, No. 3
'Lite' version
Volume 7, No. 2
Volume 7, No. 1

Volume 6, No. 1
Volume 6, No. 2
Volume 6, No. 3
Volume 6, No. 4

Volume 5, No. 3
Volume 5, No. 4

Volume 3, No. 3
Volume 2, No. 1/2

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This section of the site is currently under development, as we expand it to include all issues produced since our founding in 1995. In the meantime you have here the issues that we have thus far managed put on line. If you have an urgent need for a number or article, please get in touch.

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The Journal, past, present and future issues, is made available to any and all on the basis of an honor system. It's simple: if you are a company, agency or budgeted institution, we ask you to pay for any issues you download and find fair value. That works out to a grand total of US$30.00 or $15.00 per issue downloaded (see Subscriptions section here for explanations).

Subscribers on the other hand are invited to access any and all of these past issues at no additional cost.

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