Task Force: Program Associates
  • John Adams, UK
  • Esther Anaya, Spain
  • Benoît Beroud, France
  • Eric Britton, International
  • Sebastian Bührmann, Germany
  • Ton Daggers, Netherlands
  • Paul DeMaio, USA
  • Jan Gehl, Denmark
  • Colin Hughes, USA
  • Todd Litman, Canada
  • Mikel Murga, Spain/USA
  • Jonathan Sky Orndoff, USA
  • Gil Penalosa, Colombia/Canada
  • Gordon Price, Canada
  • Danijel Rebolj, Slovenia
  • Luud Schimmelpennink, Netherlands
  • Robert Stussi, Portugal
  • Pascal van den Noort, Netherlands
  • Roelof Wittink, Netherlands
  • Michael Yeates, Australia

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  • Want to know more about how to make a city bike project work in your city? Or work better? Here are some of the people who are well prepared to offer help and who are ready to talk with you about it. Have a look at who they are and some of the interesting and original things they have done in this fast-moving field which may turn out to be of use to your project or city. (Since city bike projects are by definition local, language competence is important for anyone coming in to work with you and your materials. Everyone on this short list speaks fluent English and at least one or more other languages with ease. That helps.)

    You will certainly notice the broad of ages and experience in this group. That is just as it should be given the tasks at hand. Indeed one of our main goals in this program is to bring in and provide a flexible support forum for a growing number of bright, energetic and devoted young people working in and with a feel for how shared bikes can work in our cities and do the full job of which they are capable. Our target for this group of talented younger people: at least one hundred working in at least as many cities. And when we get there ask again.

  • Linking the Task Force: We are spread out all over the globe and to a woman/man way overbooked. So how do we nonetheless still manage to work together? Part of it has to do with our tools. Click here for more on this.)

    John Adams, University College London, United Kingdom

    John is emeritus professor of geography at University College London. London on whose challenging streets he
    has got around by bike daily for the about last thirty years. He was a member of the original Board of Directors of Friends of the Earth and has been involved in debates about environmental issues ever since. He has written extensively about transport issues. Transport Planning: vision and practice was his first book; more recently he has explored The Social Consequences of Hypermobility. John has taken a close interest in the way different road users - pedestrians, cyclists and motorists - relate to each other, a subject first examined in Risk and freedom: the record of road safety regulation and in numerous publications since.

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    Esther Anaya, Bicycle mobility consultant. Barcelona, Spain

    Esther has been working on bicycle planning and research since 2003.
    Her academic background is environmental studies and she has specialised in sustainable mobility through her experience and postgraduate education. She is co-author of The Guide for the Implementation of Public Bikes Systems in Spain. She has participated in different projects to bring bicycle to the agendas, from social forums to European conferences, always trying to keep a critical and technical approach. She considers Shared Public Bikes to be an effective way of promoting cycling as a sustainable urban mode of transpoand bike planning. Her interest comes from the need to generate new ideas to contribute to better living in cities, from a multidisciplinary perspective. (You can email her direct here.)

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    Benoit Beroud, Mobiped, France

    Benoit Beroud is an independent consultant in sustainable mobility specialized on active modes, public bicycles and multimodal accessibility.
    ove the last 5 years, he has developed international expertise on public bicycles and bike sharing: He participated as an external expert to the European projects NICHES and OBIS, writing an handbook for local government, visiting of 35 systems in 10 different countries, animation of professional training, elaboration of several publications and lectures. He has lived in 2 pioneers cities implementing public bicycles on large scale: Lyon and Paris. For more: www.mobiped.com.

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    Eric Britton, New Mobility Agenda, France

    Eric is Managing Director of EcoPlan International, an independent advisory group in Paris specializing in providing
    counsel for government and business on issues involving social-technical innovation and sustainable development. He is founder of The Commons and the New Mobility Agenda. Eric took the initiative in late 2006 to initiate the present collaborative program working with a select group of international expert associates, because he sees city bikes as catalytic building blocks in the direction of the creating a base for the high performance bouquet of New Mobility services that are needed to improve quality of life for all and the economics of our cities, and in the process give our poor planet a much-needed break.               (For more on Britton click here.)

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    Sebastian Bührmann, Rupprecht Consult, Germany

    Sebastian specialises in sustainable transport, regional/urban development and community economic development, with work experience in Mexico, Canada and Germany.
    He was technical co-ordinator of the European NICHES project, which examined the transferability of urban transport innovations. Within this project he analysed European Public Bicycle Systems and developed implementation guidelines for considering cities. Sebastian is currently involved in other EU projects involving sustainable transport (PILOT, LINK, BYPAD). He has a particular interest in measures that help to exploit the potential of the bicycle as a sustainable urban transport mode. He is an associate of Rupprecht Consult, a specialized independent research and consulting company in Cologne, Germany. (You can email Sebastian here.)

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    Ton Daggers, the MOVILIZATION programme, Netherlands

    Ton has worked for more than 20 years in cycling promotion programs mostly in Latin American cities.
    Ton has an academic degree in Social Geography and Anthropology and made his hobby his work. Cycling promotion in all his aspects is the red line of his activities. He has worked in Bogotá on the design of the first cycle track of the TransMileneo BRT corridor. Nowadays he is working as coordinator of a network of European and Latin American cities in the MOVILIZATION programme. Author in 2004 of a Handbook "Integration of cycling in the traffic planning of medium sized cities in Europe and Latin America", he is task manager for Non Motorized Transport for Cities for Mobility. At present he is developing in a consortium "Bellock": a bicycle parking system operated by mobile phone. (You can email Ton here )

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    Paul DeMaio, MetroBike, LLC, USA

    Paul is a Washington, D.C.-based transportation planner, whose specialties include bike-sharing and bicycle planning. With a background in traffic calming
    and transportation demand management, DeMaio created MetroBike, LLC in 2005 to focus his energies on bike-sharing and assist with its rapid growth. DeMaio has a Bachelor of City Planning and a Master of Transportation Policy. He has published a variety of papers on bike-sharing, including "Will Smart Bikes Succeed as Public Transportation in the United States?" in the Journal of Public Transportation and "Smart Bikes: Public Transportation for the 21st Century" in Transportation Quarterly. Paul is the author of The Bike-sharing Blog, an international news resource about the nascent field. Paul can be reached by clicking here.

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    Jan Gehl, Gehl Architects - Urban Quality Consultants, Denmark

    Jan, an internationally recognized urbanist, planner and world expert on public spaces, is not only a daily
    cyclist but also lives in what is inarguably one of the world capitals of cycling. He and his colleagues have worked extensively to improve the conditions of cycling in many places, building on their extensive hands-on experience in their own city of Copenhagen and the other many places. Jan has an unusual quality relative to most of the people working in this area, and that is that he has consistently worked to discourage mayors and other city leaders to bring on city bike projects until such time that the infrastructure is in place for safe and effective cycling. For more on him and his team, click here.

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    Colin Hughes, USA

    Colin is a Masters of City Planning Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in transportation planning and geographic information systems.
    He is a passionate planner seeking to better integrate smart land use planning with innovative multi-modal mobility. Colin worked in the field of international development and diplomacy for both NGO's and the U.S. Dept. of State. He lead trips in a dozen countries for the two largest international bicycle tourism companies in the world. Colin's research interests in public bicycle systems lie in creating spatial models to determine station distribution, analyzing VMT and greenhouse gas reductions, determining how these systems can leverage improvements in other bicycle facilities and increase bicycle trips, as well as developing marketing strategy and system design.

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    Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Canada

    Todd has been studying, writing about, and providing professional counsel in the field of transportation planning and policy for his entire professional career.
    He is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems. His work helps to expand the range of impacts and options considered in transportation decision-making, improve evaluation methods, and make specialized technical concepts accessible to a larger audience. Todd has been an active participant in the move to support and improve the position of non-motorized transport in our cities, worldwide. In addition to technical writing, he has co-authored two travel books (Washington; Off the Beaten Path and Best Bike Rides in the Pacific Northwest) with his wife, Suzanne Kort.

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    Mikel Murga, Center of Transportation and Logistics, USA & Spain

    As President and CEO of Leber Planificación e Ingeniería in Bilbao since 1988, Mikel leads the international transportation planning and traffic engineering
    activities of the firm, with strong background in computer modeling and systems engineering. The scope of services ranges from strategic advice on public transportation policies or road networks to detailed traffic or transit proposals. This competence is critical for planning new city bike projects. His work has received several awards for the transformation of several cities through a comprehensive approach involving proposals for new traffic, transit, bike and walk access, parking and public spaces policies. Mikel is a Research Associate and Lecturer of the Center of Transportation and Logistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA

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    Jonathan Sky Orndoff, USA

    Hiking above his city one day a few short years ago, Sky could not see any motion other than cars.
    Consious of the environmental damages associated with old mobility, he went in search of solutions. His interest in public bikes corresponds to his desire to find eco-friendly ways to meet to societal needs. A student in Environmental Studies and Resource Conservation at the University of Montana, he is working on an analysis of factors that influence the successful function of city bikes worldwide. He has been working to assess whether and how public bicycles should fit into the transportation matrix of mid-size American towns, with a current focus on Missoula, Montana. By drawing lessons from around the globe, and through a World City Bikes Internship, he hopes to help pull city bikes into the United States.

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    Gil (Guillermo) Penalosa, Colombia & Canada

    Gil is Executive Director of the Canada based non-profit Walk & Bike for Life, as well as a sought-after international speaker and consultant.
    Gil earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from UCLA. As Commissioner of Parks, Sport and Recreation for Bogota, he led his team to design and build over 200 parks, as well as to open 91 kilometers of car-free city roads on Sundays, Ciclovia, where over 1.5 m. people come out weekly to walk, run, skate and bike. He also works as Senior Associate with NYC's Project for Public Spaces, and serves as Senior Consultant for the renowned Danish firm Gehl Architects. He serves on the Boards of Directors of American Trails and City Parks Alliance. Gil lives with his wife and their three children in Ontario, Canada.

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    Gordon Price, City Program, Simon Fraser University, Canada

    Gordon is Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, and sits on the Boards of The Sightline Institute and the International Centre for Sustainable Cities.
    He served five terms as Councillor for the City of Vancouver, as well as on the board of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and TransLink. Also an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia for the School of Community and Regional Planning, Gordon speaks on urban issues and the development of Vancouver in cities around the world. He is also an enthusiastic photographer, and has been documenting Vancouver and other cities since the early 1980s. He also publishes an electronic magazine called Price Tags (For the latest issue click here.) Gordon gets around Vancouver by bike.

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    Danijel Rebolj, University of Maribor, Civil Engineering, Slovenia

    Danijel is co-founder of the Maribor Cyclists' Network, a local NGO striving for sustainable transportation and higher quality of living in Slovenia and throughout Europe
    In his day job he is Vice Dean for education and holder of the Chair of Construction and Transportation Informatics at the University of Maribor. From a technical perspective his work keys on the integration of new informatics technologies and applications to transport planning and management, while from a community perspective his work involves organizing and leading public interest groups to support needed sustainability implementations, such as shared bikes, carsharing and other more environmentally effective uses of public space and resources. He can be reached directly here.

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    Luud Schimmelpennink, Ytech Innovation Centre, Netherlands

    Luud is a Dutch social inventor, industrial designer, entrepreneur, politician and a long time associate of the New Mobility Agenda. Luud is the person who set the
    pattern for city bike projects in Amsterdam back in the sixties. And if most of his couple of thousand White Bicycles eventually disappeared, the example blazed the way to more work and thought, bringing us to where we are today. In 2006 he was elected again to the Amsterdam Municipal Council, this time as a member of the Dutch Labor (Social Democrat) party PvdA, and is currently working on a new WitKar-type project for Amsterdam as well as continuing to promote community cycles in Amsterdam and elsewhere. Luud is Managing Director of the Ytech Innovation Centre in Amsterdam. He can be reached by clicking here.

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    Robert Stussi, Portugal and Switzerland

    Robert is a senior consultant, researcher and activist in Transport and Urban Mobility. He received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Major
    Major in Transportation Planning, in 1968 from the Swiss National Institute of Technology and his M.Sc. in Planning from University of British Columbia. Pro-active for soft modes, European Mobility Week, mobility management, carsharing, alternative vehicle technologies. Networking and EU project and expert activities. Working and teaching experience in several countries, and an active proponent of bike and carsharing for some years. "Glad to assist Eric in his as usual creative effort to get people together and things going, in bikesharing and elsewhere!"

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    Pascal van den Noort, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Pascal (B ma, 1950) is a conceptual thinker with broad experience in setting up (inter)national and global organizations, projects, conferences and events.
    He was Founder of the Dutch Aids Foundation and of the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS. Pascal is member of the Executive Boards of Velo Mondial & Velo.Info / Spicycles and on the Advisory Board of the World Carfree Network. He is involved in setting up research projects that promote sustainable urban development at a wider level, making information for sustainability better available. Recently Pascal co-founded 'Amsterdam Cycling to Sustainability' and the 'Amsterdam International Academy for Sustainable Mobility', from which base (inter)national projects will be executed. He can be reached directly by clicking here.

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    Roelof Wittink, Interface for Cycling Expertise, the Netherlands

    Drs. Roelof Wittink is executive director of I-CE, Interface for Cycling Expertise. He is a specialist on traffic behaviour with a Masters in Psychology.
    He has published on behavioural modifications, traffic education, attitudes on road behaviour, social marketing, and the benefits of cycling. He was the program manager of LOCOMOTIVES, (2003-2006) on low cost mobility initiatives by civil society organisations and is currently the manager of the Bicycle Partnership Program, (2007-2010) on cycling inclusive planning that operates in 15 developing countries. Key aspects are the application of expertise on the integration of cycling in a wide variety of local context and building partnerships between civil society organisations, governments, experts and the private sector. He can be reached directly by clicking here.

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    Michael Yeates, Brisbane, Australia

    Michael's interests are in the design and management of urban areas, the interface with local governance, and community
    participation in planning. He trained as an architect, later adding post-grad degrees in Environmental Management/Science and in Environmental Education. He became increasingly active in public critical advocacy as "town planning" split into (i) a theoretical stream ("strategic planning", much of it ignored), while (ii) most "planning" was little more than developer-led "development control". Michael has represented cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities on various local, state and national committees, has published numerous conference papers and other public articles, and a chapter in "Planning for Cycling" (2002) . He can be reached directly by clicking here.

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