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Event Calendars:
Transport Conferences Worldwide
SD Gateway
Intransnet Event Calendar
EU Transport Events
EU Sustainabile Mobility
UITP Calender
Intransnet Event Calendar
TRB Calandar News
WHO related events
MOSES Newsletter

International Event Calendars

The following provides handy one click access to a selection of international calenders of related events in the specific areas of our concern here. Each is carefully maintained and kept up to day by the sponsors.

  • Transport Conferences Worldwide
    Upcoming events in transport infrastructure and related fields

  • SD Gateway Calendar of Events
    Provides information about events in the various fields of sustainable development and from around the world. All events listed meet following criteria: Event deals with at least two of the three facets of sustainable development: economy, environment and society. Event must cover both policy and practice of sustainable development (ie. no straight tech meetings or trade shows)

  • Intransnet Event Calendar
    List of conferences on transport RTD. Maintained by EU. An interactive information-communications retrieval service

  • MOSES Newsletter
    Covers mobility services for urban sustainability - aims develop mobility services to reduce dependence on the private car on a European scale, without restricting mobility. This news section is subdivided into the following categories: latest news / insight / general events / mobility / sustainability

  • EU Sustainability/Transport Events
    Upcoming events from an EU perspective

  • Transportation Research Board Calandar
    TRB Sponsored Conferences and Workshops

  • News
    Targets city managers, local level policymakers, urban planners and directors of urban service and infrastructure provision.

  • World Health Organization Events Calendar
    Upcoming conferences and events in areas related to violence and injury prevention.

  • UITP Calender
    Events and conferences in association with the UITP - International Union of Public Transport

Your Suggestions/Contributions

  • Can you draw our attention to a good, well maintained calendar of events with sustainable mobility coverage that goes beyond the above?
  • And surely we have missed something that you know about and which should be on this list. So, if you have an idea or recommendation to share with us all, this is the place to do it.

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