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This program is part of a greater whole: a long term international collaborative effort that we call The New Mobility Agenda. Unconstrained by bureaucracy, economic interests or schedules, the Agenda first launched in 1988 as a broad-based collegial internet platform for critical discussion, exchanges of materials, and diverse forms of knowledge building and cross-border collaboration on the challenging, necessarily conflicted topic of "sustainable transportation and social justice".

The Agenda provides a broad supporting frame for new thinking and open collaborative group problem solving, addressing the full range of problems and eventual solution paths that constitute the global challenge of sustainable transport in cities. Among the main building blocks are the following on-going focus programs:

Other focus programs: some new, some old, some waiting in the wings for new energy and participants will be found by clicking here

There is a useful synergistic relationship between the two e-Fora that you may wish to exploit: with Kyoto Working Groups here specifically serving the purposely "narrow" focus of the 20/20 program; and the New Moblity Cafe the place for the much broader discussions and exchanges on the subject of the move to more sustainable mobility in our cities. Both are best accessed through the Working Groups links in the left menu.

Check out the Agenda's decade's long track record of new thinking and international collaboration to advance the sustainability agenda, of which the latest is the aggressive Kyoto World Cities Challenge set out in these pages.

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