Work program & collaboration focus for 2010
* * Focus programs * *
Reinventing Transport in cities
World Streets
Messages to America
World Carshare Consortium
World City Bike Strategies
World Car Free Days
Value capture/Land taxes
Talking New Mobility
Journal of World Transport

* * Starting up * *
Knowledge Environment
Knoogle 1.1
New Mobility City Dialogues
Connecting Sustainable Cities
new mobility media

* * Pilot projects/probes* *
xTransit - The third way
Smart Paratransit (The third way)
NewDrive (Don't forget the cars)
Clik2 (The traveler's friend)

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    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved
    by the same level of thinking that created them."
    -- Albert Einstein

    The Agenda is organized into a steadily evolving constellation of semi-self-contained, open international partnership projects, each of which can be usefully consulted either on its own or in parallel with the more general flow of information and materials that are being developed within this New Mobility Agenda site itself. More than two dozen collaborative programs have thus far been developed as you will see just below, of which the currently most active are briefly introduced below. If you have ideas for yet other concepts that can make good use of this approach, this is the place to turn with your suggestions.

    While we shall be maintaining and working with our world-wide New Mobility partners and associates on all of the programs initiated under the Agenda over the last years, here are the main focus areas getting our attention over 2010.

    12 Jan. 2010: The information on this page to be updated

    In the meantime, we suggest that if you do not know our work a quick scan here will give you some first orientation, after which we would direct your attention to the listing of on-going programs and projects that appears in the left menu under the heading: Collaborative Initiatives.

    Focus programs: 2010

    Each of the following programs builds on a long term series of collaborative efforts, associations and on-going expert discussions, the majority of which span more than a decade of past work and international activity in the targeted focus area. Each is supported by its own website and forum.

    It is not out of place here to repeat the strict 2-4 year results horizon of all these initiatives -- and of the paramount importance of rapid GHG reduction as a driver for policy, practice and reform in a sector that accounts for nearly one firth of all planetary emissions. That is the hard core of the Agenda

    1. Reinventing Transport in Cities: 2010 - 2012
    Virtually all of the necessary preconditions are now in place for far-reaching technical and economic reform in the ways that people get around in our cites. The needs are there, they are increasingly understood -- and we now know what we need to do and how to get it done. The challenge is to find the political will, vision and the leadership to get the job done. Here is a path to get started.    More > > >

    2. World Streets
    "Heavy traffic on the way to sustainable cities and sustainable lives . . .. "
    World Streets adds a dimension to the New Mobility Agenda, offering an extended forum for contributions, challenges and comments reaching beyond the focus group postings of the New Mobility Cafe. Updated daily. Widely read.      More > > >

    3. "Messages to America" (publication, Summer 2009)
    One hundred influential international collaborators join in to send a "Message to America" in a joint project with the National Journal in Washington DC. TO be transmitted to the incoming transportation team of the Obama administration. To appear in the Journal of World Transport, Spring 2009.      More > > >

    4. World Carshare Consortium
    This long term collaborative program supports carsharing projects and programs, worldwide. Since 1997 it offers a convenient place on the web to gather and share information and independent views on projects and approaches, past, present and planned future, freely and easily available to all comers. Your first-stop shop for creating a world level carshare operation in your city.                      More > > >

    5. World City Bike Implementation Strategies
    The concept of shared public bicycles as transport in cities is getting a great deal of attention in the media, and cities around the world are looking into the potential of this powerful transformative new mobility tool. Since 2006 this project is advising considering cities, public authorities and agencies as to how best to go about scouting, planning and implementing a city bike system of their own.   More > > >

    6. World Car Free Days / New Mobility Weeks
    Cities around the world are making progress with this ice-breaking sustainability approach. It's not research or theory; it is policy and practice. But proper preparation and follow-up are critical for success. WCFD offers information and an open forum for ideas, exchange and collaboration for people who care about sustainable transport and aren't afraid to work at it.                            More > > >

    7. The Land Café -Value capture and land tax reform
    Serving and people and groups around the world who are concerned to find practical ways for coming to grips with the troubling but important issues of value capture and land tax reform in an age in which important public services remain substantially under-funded.                                                                More > > >

    8. Talking New Mobility
    More than a dozen expert fora and discussion groups are organized or supported by the New Mobility Agenda and partners. These serve as critical building blocks and support for the full range of programs and initiatives.                 More > > >

    9. Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice
    Many of the issues raised within the transport debate do not fit into the narrow and stultifying disciplinary compartments that characterize science and society in the developed world. The journal is topic and issue-based and encourages as many contributions as possible from as many perspectives as possible         More > > >

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    Programs getting underway in 2010:

    * * * The following programs have been laid out with a number of colleagues over 2007/9 and are getting our attention in 2010. Like all our activity, they are based on international collaboration and volunteer inputs.

    New Mobility Knowledge Environment
    A growing number of excellent programs, groups, and web-available resources around the world are looking and acting from various perspectives at these matters. Can they be linked to function as a broader learning community? We think it's worth looking into, and here is how we are trying to do our bit.         More > > >

    Knoogle 1.1
    First cut of a power search engine specifically tailored to help policy makers, local government, researchers, NGOs, activists, consultants, concerned citizens and the media to keep up with the work and activities of the leading international groups, programs and sources leading the field of sustainable transport and sustainable cities. Also under development in Spanish and French.                    More > > >

    Connecting Sustainable Cities
    These expert exchange programs arrange for visiting teams to gain first hand experience with outstanding new mobility programs and projects in leading cities around the world, with individual city visits lasting anywhere from two to five days. For further information and a sample program, get in touch with us here    < > > >

    The New Mobility 2010 Policy Dialogues
    Aimed at informing city leaders, their staffs and advisors, these collaborative presentations and outreach sessions bring together leading edge actors and materials focusing on specific high impact, low-cost New Mobility tools and measures as successfully practiced at the leading edge.                     More > > >
    new mobility media
    The New Mobility Agenda in all its parts is essentially a content site and toolkit for sector reform. But if this work is to make a difference, it will have to be communicated - and that in a form which reaches wide, informs and engages. The collaborative media program is our attempt to deal with this challenge   More > > >

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    Pilot projects/probes hopefully receiving attention:

    Project ideas that have come out of our "idea factory" exchanges and are being advanced over the year on their own timetables, as resources and support become available to move them into a more useful state.

    xTransit - The third way to get around in cities
    Getting people in and around cities in road vehicles, smaller than full sized buses, guided by real human beings, dynamically shared with others, and strategically mediated by state of the art communications technologies. Not private cars. Not "public transit". Other, more, different and better.                      More > > >

    Smart Paratransit
    Smart ParaTransit -- SOA 21st century technology-driven shared small vehicle transport arrangements -- is the missing link in our 21st century transportation policy tool kit. It takes direct aim at the enormous service gap that exists today in most cities between private cars and traditional public transport services which by their nature depend on fixed routes and schedules                            More > > >

    The New Context for "NewDriving":
    "Drivers are our customers too: So let's help them out".
    Working with people who are for the time being at least locked into their cars, the NewDrive program offers a plan, specific measures and hints to help car owner/drivers adapt to the fast-changing and often constraining new mobility environment, saving them time, money and frustration in the process. More > > >

    Clik2 New Mobility
    Clik2 is a proposal for in-pocket communications and access system serving users who want to have access to the best way of making their trip. The core goal of the concept is to harness state of the art mobile phones as the real-time interface between travelers and all available mobility means out there. We can have a useful role in injecting our strategic competence into such a project, but the expertise and the resources have to come from elsewhere.                                      More > > >

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